3 Reasons to Attend Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path

Don Gray and I are presenting “Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path” at Agile 2012 this year in Dallas.  Here’s 3 reasons for why we think you’ll want to attend our session.

Reason One: You’ll Learn How to Handle Resistance

“Bob really won’t get on board with Agile, he says all the right things at our management meetings but then does the opposite.”  Joe was frustrated that Bob seemed to be the only person preventing progress given his role as the Director of Development.  “I know”, said Melissa, “it would be so much easier if he’d just leave.”

Does this sound familiar?  What’s going on with Bob?  Why is he resisting the transformation to Agile?  Doesn’t he see all the benefits?  At Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path with myself and Don Gray, you’ll learn how to work with guys like Bob and overcome the perceived resistance.

Reason Two: You’ll Learn what Culture Is

“Agile is about building a new mindset, we must change our culture!” proclaimed Bill.  “Right you are Bill, everyone has to stop controlling everything and build trust!” Jeff replied.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  It’s a little more complex than that.  It’s simple to say “we must change our culture” but what does that mean?  How do you do it?  First you start by understanding what culture is and what your organizational culture type is.  At our session you’ll learn to be aware of this and be given tools to help you make progress.

Reason Three: You’ll Learn how Leadership Styles Influence Your Path to Agility

“Jay is such a control freak.  He wants us to implement Agile but he’s not getting involved and just telling us to ‘be more agile'”.  Sally was frustrated because she felt her CTO didn’t trust her to rollout Agile.  “I know how to roll this out, he’s got to stop telling me how to do my job or it’s not going to work”

Is Jay, the CTO, really a control freak or is that simply the way he works?  How can you learn to give Jay what he wants without driving yourself crazy?  At our session you’ll learn how different leadership styles approach Agile Adoption or Transformation differently and more importantly, how that can shape how you leverage those styles to get you where you want to go.

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