InfoQ Interview about Agile Transformation

Jason Little recently sat down with InfoQ to talk about Agile Transformation: A Guide to Organizational Change.  Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

InfoQ: Thanks Jason for finding the time to answer some questions. Your video training with Pearson is about agile transformation. Why was this topic chosen?

Jason: Chris from Pearson was at my Agile 2011 session and he liked how I was talking about Agile Transformation being a trigger to organizational change.  At the time the Agile community seemed to be focusing more on agile adoption and transformation and, in some cases, forgetting that ‘agile’ isn’t the point.  Bringing on Agile is huge organizational change, not something only IT and teams do.  My session focused on showing people how to understand that their market, size, culture, approach to finding work and more contribute to the approach you take when bringing Agile in.  We chose the title ‘Agile Transformation’ because that’s what people in organizations ask and look for.

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