What to Call Your Transformation Program

The word “Transformation” is being used quite a bit as today’s organizations realize they must innovate in order to compete or they must transform to Agile to build products faster, better and cheaper. The problem with the word “Transformation” is that is assumes a logically starting and ending point.  Once the ‘transformation’ program is done,


Navigating the Currents of Your Organization

An important aspect of organizational change is understanding the cultural norms in your organization.  You can think of ‘cultural norms’ as ‘the way things go around here’ and that can be different from what your organization’s culture is. The term ‘Culture’ means different things to different people and there are many models you can use


Bridging the Gap Between Agile and Change Management

Often organizations “fail with Agile” for a variety of reasons.  According to a recent survey from McKinsey & Co, 70% of change efforts fail and that’s got very little to do with Agile. Agile is a trigger for change, not a destination or an objective.  Some in the Agile/Lean camps take different stances to bringing

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